Astronomy for Mental Health

Session 2 (Friday) (Fri, 2022-10-07, 13:00-15:30)
  • Speakers: Asma Sahli
  • Language: English
  • Abstract: Mental health disorders such as depression and anxiety amongst children and adolescents represent a heavy contribution to the global burden of disease. After the COVID-19 pandemic, the impact of these diseases has grown, and is expected to have a long-lasting impact. Astronomy has the potential to contribute positively to the enhancement of mental well-being, especially for children. This is done primarily through educational activities that don’t fall under traditional educational techniques. This paper will explore how astronomy education contributes to the development of vulnerable groups and enable the fulfillment of their potential. Many experiments were conducted to study the role of astronomy in social development, examples will be taken during the research to show findings and conclusions.
  • Location:

    Neuer Senatssaal

    University of Cologne


    50923 Cologne